Twelve young people abandoned during the "plan"-week their dwelling, in order to experience, how it lives itself without firm domicile.

Which them remains, must fit into a shoulder bag. This contains sleeping bag, ISO mat, hygiene set, city plan and, beside personal accessories, probably also a second set underwear.

„Liebesentzug“ calls the landscape architect Jörg Rekittke the project initiated by him and refers thereby to the etymological connection of living and loving.

The experiment asks the ideal model of urban humans, whose most important characteristic (or exact Eigenschaftslosigkeit) is its mental and physical flexibility. That means also local independence and can mean nomadic living. „ like much love “, the announcement of project asks, „ can be extracted, before the "notliving" begins “. „ “, thus Rekittke, „it does not go around homelessness.“ it concerns to experience how much dwelling is necessary, in order to live, work and to love „normally“.